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Word Whizzle Search Whizz Kid Answers

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Word whizzle search answers for whizz kid packs 26 this category contains 35 level with 5 – 6 word each, if you found difficult word in this category please use my word whizzle search whizz kid cheats to solve those word. Sometime the word position / arrangement different from my result below but you can find it by it’s clue, i hope this word whizzle search solutions useful for all player and please support the developer with 5 star rating and good reviews.


Word Whizzle Search Whizz Kid 26

586. Sour: Vinegar Kefir Kumquat Rhubarb Sauerkraut Tamarind
587. Africa: Mandela Safari Apartheid Kilimanjaro Darfur Kalahari Maasai Colonized
588. U.S History: Pilgrims Watergate Prohibition Jamestown Mayflower Quakers Colony Vietnam
589. That’s the Pits Peach Apricot Arm Cherry Pittsburgh
590. Verbs of Expression: Sing Explain Lecture Write Compose Paint Say Debate
591. Mathematics: Congruent Exponential Ellipse Reciprocal Cosine Vertex Quadrant Integer
592. Broadway: Phantom Chicago Audition Cats Rehearsal Wicked Rent Grease
593. The “Cin” Shakespeare Caesar Cymbeline Capulet Chorus Cicero Claudius Cleopatra Clown
594. Religion: Devotion Prayer Deity Zealot Christian Menorah Lent Scripture
595. American: Folktales Bunyan Appleseed Boone Crockett Henry
596. Inventors: Galileo Oppenheimer Whitney Newton Otis Morse Gutenberg Ford
597. Classical Music Movements: Baroque Clavichord Rhapsody Gregorian Variation
598. More Words that Contain Numbers: Overweight Strychnine Contender Handwritten Honeycomb Trustworthy Artwork Breastbone
599. Poets Pound Plath Whitman Neruda Dickinson Kipling Tennyson Done
600. Collective Nouns: Colony Flock Children Herd Information Wealth Thicket Coven
601. Norse Mythology: Valhalla Odin Mjolnir Valkyrie Thor Loki
602. Ballet: Pirouette Turnout Entrechat Leotard Nutcracker Giselle Nureyev
603. Las Vegas: Caesars Strip Mirage Bellagio Copperfield Nevada
604. Literary Characters: Heidi Tarzan Dracula Falstaff Jeeves Lolita Pip Grendel
605. U.S Civil War: Confederate Grant Abolition Union Minie Sumter Appomattox Antietam
606. Firefighters: Ladder Suspenders Engine Extinguish Hose Water
607. Playwrights: Miller Albee Mamet Beckett Williams Shaw Brecht
608. Color: Hue Shade Primary Complement Spectrum Analogous Monochrome Value
609. Tolkien Smaug Mordor Shire Frodo Gollum Baggins Samwise Gimli
610. The American: South Antebellum Dixie Louisiana Drawl Savannah
611. “Celebrate”: Observe Proclaim Revel Publicize Party Honor Revere Glorify
612. Wet Weather: Drizzle Downpour Torrent Showers Hail Sleet
613. Time Travel Wells: Future Wormhole Physics Event Relativity Hyperspace
614. Headlines News Information Keywords Attractive Verbs Engagement
615. American Literature: Hemingway Twain Crane Crucible Gatsby Thoreau Hawthorne Melville
616. City Living: Pigeons Business Apartments Noise Taxis Traffic
617. “B” Movies: Backdraft Brave Batman Bambi Beetlejuice Blow
618. In the Snow: Flakes Frost Skier Powder Sled Igloo Arctic
619. Traffic: Gridlock Blinker Horn Exhaust Stress
620. “Many”: Billion Lots Bountiful Copious Countless Myriad Countless
621. Artillery: Bullet Gunner Howitzer Caliber Mortar Round Shrapnel Shell
622. Biblical Sites: Jerusalem Galilee Egypt Babel Canaan Damascus Gethsemane Zion
623. Buying a Home: Mortgage Realtor Deed Estimate Broker Closing Listing Origination
624. Industrial: Materials Rubber Steel Alloy Chrome Aluminum
625. “Hum” Dingers: Humidifier Humiliate Hummingbird Humanistic Humorous Humpback Humorist Humungous

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